Our garden has been quite prolific when it comes to our pepper crop. We have several varieties that include mild banana peppers, cayenne peppers, poblanos, two varieties of jalapenos, and habaneros. We also have two or three varieties of bell peppers that are not producing quite as well. There is one ghost pepper plant that has survived but so far no peppers.

I have canned  enough sweet & spicy pepper relish for the next year and about nine jars of my husband’s favorite “Cowboy Candy” aka pickled hot/sweet jalapeno pepper slices. I have roasted and peeled quite a few poblano peppers for the freezer and halved and deseeded multiple poblano, jalapeno, and banana peppers for the freezer also. We have given away quite a few and the peppers keep coming.

Earlier this year I bought a dehydrator from a friend for $5. My son asked if it would work to dry peppers to make our own cayenne seasoning and maybe even habanero. I told him to give it a try so he took the dehydrator and enough peppers to fill it home with him (he lives next door).

Today he brought the dried peppers back and pulverized them in my Blendtec. It worked wonderfully! We now have freshly ground dried cayenne and habanero pepper. I haven’t tasted it but my son says it tastes very good – different from what we buy, probably because it is so fresh and has no additives. He already has another batch going in the dehydrator. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on his Christmas list receives some home grown dried hot pepper this year.

Dried Pepper Seasoning

Cayenne Pepper on Left ~ Habanero Pepper on Right