Title: Where Healing Starts – Applewood Hill Book 2

Author: Angela D. Meyer

Genre: Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Family Drama

Release Date: May 11

Joanna and Blake Hannigan grew up in an angry home and made an all-for-one pact – them against the world – in order to survive. Now that pact may keep them from what they each long for.

While doing community service for shoplifting, Joanna’s walls begin to come down. She wonders if she does have something of value inside of her, but still full of bitterness, she can’t get off the path to self-destruction.

Will a near death experience put her on the road to redemption?

Blake refuses to accept the consequences for putting his brother-in-law in the hospital. He runs from the law and does the unthinkable.

In the face of impending disaster, will Blake’s choices lead to healing?

Unless the siblings realize their pact can’t save them, they may not find the One who can.


Angela D. Meyer writes fiction that showcases God’s ability to redeem and restore the brokenness in our lives. Now that her two children are grown, she spends her life writing instead of homeschooling, stays active at church, and is plotting what to do with the rest of her life. She enjoys sunrises and sunsets, hanging out with friends, a good laugh, and reading. Someday, she would love to vacation by the ocean.

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Interview with Angela D. Meyer Part 1

1. Have you always been a writer? If not, what was your previous occupation? How long have you been writing? 

I’ve written for a long time, since junior high, but haven’t always considered myself a “writer”. More than anything, I am a teacher. I have been a children’s’ Bible class teacher, a homeschool teacher, and a women’s Bible study. I am now preparing to go back to school to be an ESL teacher.

2. What kinds of interesting things have you done in your life?  

I traveled to Brazil on a mission trip while I was in college. After the missions portion was over, I was able to remain in Brazil with the family of a former foreign exchange student to my high school. I saw some lovely places and the food was amazing!

After college, I was a nanny on the east coast for a number of years and had the chance to do quite a few things interesting things while living in that part of the country. I went on a whale watch, mad numerous day trips to the ocean side, visited New York City, and attended New York City Ballet. I saw Mikhail Baryshnikov dance in the ballet and perform in a play off Broadway. I also got to watch Rudolf Nureyev dance in the Nutcracker. 

3. What books have influenced your life the most? 

Essentialism by Greg McKeown, Humility by C.J. Mahaney, Fleeing Isis Finding Jesus by Charles Morris & Craig Borlase, Free of Me by Sharon Hodde Miller

4. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?   

Someone who lived in the “wild west ”or pioneer days. This is my favorite part of history. I would enjoy sharing a meal with a woman who survived the wagon train journey! As a kid, I would make up stories in my head about the old west. And I must admit, I really enjoy stories set in this time period. If my five year old self decided who to eat with, she would probably choose a fictional character – Tonto. I used to be a big fan of The Lone Ranger!

5. What book are you currently reading? 

Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus by Lois Tverberg 

6. When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing?  

I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. Game nights are great. I also enjoy reading and movies.


Where Healing Starts is a highly emotional story about the grown children from a dysfunctional family background. Each of them have dealt with the past in their own way but sister Joanna and brother Blake have allowed anger and bitterness to rule their lives. Poor choices have created even more problems for them both and unless major changes are made, their lives could end up a disaster.

I will admit that there were times I really wanted to just shake Joanna and ask what her problem was. I could see how God was working in her through the unconditional love shown by a couple she encountered but it was still difficult to watch her continue to make bad decisions.

The plot moves along at a fairly steady pace and the characters are well rounded and realistic. It is emotionally difficult to read at times but well worth the effort. The story is an excellent example of the Lord’s patience with us and the power of forgiveness.

I voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book provided by The Novel Way Blog Tours with The Mosaic Collection . A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.

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